9- Burano island (lace museum)




– Short historical notes: Burano is “The Rainbow Island” for its various colors. It is one of the 10 most colorful cities in the world. You will be fascinated by so many nuances created by the houses reflection on the Burano canals.
A little bit of history. The first settlement in Burano was on the Barbarians time. People runned away from the Huns and found refuge on this island. The first settlement was made from stilt houses and wooden houses then replaced by brick houses. The most important period for Burano island came in 1923 when it was aggregated in Venice with Murano and Pellestrina. The name derives from the position of the island in the Venice lagoon. Burano is located in the North East where Bora blows (strong wind coming from the North East). Thanks to this ventilation, Burano was preserved from malaria.
Why all the houses have different and bright colors? It is said that the fishermen, returning to their homes, after a long and hard work day, sorrounded by the fog that covers Burano during the winter season, could recognize easily their homes because of their different colors reflected in the green waters of the canals (from green pea to lilac, from blue to yellow).
Click here to view the official website of the island of Burano.
The real attraction of Burano is its lace. The first lace dates back to 1500. Legend say that an ancient fisherman, promised husband to a young girl on the island, was tempted by the siren song during a work day . As the boy resisted their charms, he received a gift from the sirens queen . So the queen hit the side of the boat with its tail and, from the foam created by the movement of the water, was create an elegant wedding veil for the young wife. The girl was admired and envied by all the young girls of the island. After the wedding started a competition in order to imitate the lace of the veil given by the Queen of the Sea, using needle and thread more and more thin, hoping to create a more beautiful veil for their wedding dresses.
The Lace Museum (click here to view the official website of the museum with its history, routes and activities)
– Opening time: from November 1st to March 31st 10.00am / 05.00pm (ticket office 10.00 – 4.30pm) – from April 1st to October 31st 10.00am / 06.00pm (ticket office 10.00am – 05.30pm)
– Ticket price: Adults 5.00 euros – Reduced 3.50 euros (Children aged from 6 to 14, over 65 years, holders of Carta Rolling Venice, holders of ISIC – International Student Identity Card)
Combined ticket Glass Museum (Murano) + Lace Museum (Burano): Adults 12.00 euros; Reduced 8.00 euros
– Skip the line: In order to skip the line you have to book the entrance or have already bought the “Museum pass”. Click here to view the official website of the lace museum to book your visit.
– Other palaces / places / churches to visit: The heart of the island is Baldassare Galuppi square with his statue (the only one square in the island), where there is the Lace Museum and the Church of San Martino with its famous crooked bell tower due to the partial collapse of its bases. One of the most characteristic places of the island is the “Three Bridges” that is a wooden bridge that connects three districts of Burano. From this bridge you can take wonderful pictures. The most famous house of the island is “the House of Bepi Suà” painted with many colors, divided into geometric shapes.
– How to reach Burano: Burano can be reached only by vaporetto (water bus) number 12. This vaporetto can be taken from Venice or from the island of Murano.
From Venice, from the stop “Fondamenta Nove” that you can reach from Piazzale Roma (bus stop) or from Santa Lucia (train station) with vaporetto (water buses) numbers 4.1 or 4.2.
From Murano, from the stop “Murano Faro” that you can reach from Piazzale Roma (bus stop) or from Santa Lucia (train station) with vaporetto number 3
Click here to view the page with the timetables of all the waterbuses.
– Official links: Click here to view the official website of the island of Burano.

FINAL ADVICES: It all depends on how much time avaiable you have and what’s your passion for lace. In case you want to visit the lace museum, I suggest you to buy the combined museum ticket (Glass + Lace Museum).
THE REAL ADVICE is to walk around Burano because it is unique in the world. You will be enraptured by its beauty and you fill your eyes with colors. You will find the old ladies who produce lace chatting all day long. You will make unforgettable photos from the “Three Bridges”. You will be amazed by the crooked bell tower and all this incredible island.

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