… by tram

Can I go to Venice with tram?
Where are the tram stops? and which line should I take?
How long does it take us to reach Venice?
How much is the tram ticket?
Below you will find all the answers to your questions.

The tram is the last vehicle, in chronological order, which can take you to Venice. In fact, the inauguration took place in 2015 after several problems with traffic jam in previous years.

There are 2 lines. There is the T1 line and the T2 line. Click here to connect to the official tram webpage with the itineraries of the 2 lines.

The line that take you to Venice is the T1, in fact the last stop is Piazzale Roma. Piazzale Roma is the last stop for all vehicles on wheels or on rails. From Piazzale Roma you can move only by boats (water buses, private boats, gondolas, water taxis …) or by foot.

From Piazzale Roma you can reach the Rialto Bridge and San Marco square by water buses number 1 or number 2 – cost € 7.50 per trip (click here to view timetables and stops) or by foot (approximately 30 minutes to Rialto and 40 for Piazza San Marco)

You can easily switch from the T2 line to the T1 line at the tram stop “Mestre Centro – Piazzale Cialdini”.

T1 linefrom Favaro to Venice passing through Mestre (Piazzale Cialdini) – one ride every 10 minutes on weekdays and one every 15 minutes on holidays – € 1.50 per single journey – It takes 40 minutes from Favaro tto Venice and 20 minutes from Mestre to Venice
T2 linefrom Marghera to Mestre (Piazzale Cialdini) – one ride every 10 minutes on weekdays and one every 15 minutes on holidays – € 1.50 per single journey – It takes about 20 minutes

Click here to view the official website of tram timetables. You will find them after all the bus lines – then you have to click on the circle with a clock icon in order to visualize the timetables.

You can buy the tickets:
online (click here)
– on-site at the various ticket offices or tobacco shop or automatic machines

If your Hotel is near a tram stop, I strongly recommend it because:
– It’s new
– it’s fast and silent
– it is very frequent
– The price for bus or tram is the same

If you want to know the nearest tram stop from your Hotel, I suggest you ask directly to the Hotel staff or you can send me an email to venice4all@gmail.com


For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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