Ticket and travel card in Venice

How much is the public transportation in Venice?
How much is a bus ride? How much is a vaporetto (water bus) ride?
Can I buy a travel card that include all the transportation? Which kind of travel card can i buy?
How much is a travel card? There are discounts for children or group or young/old persons?

In this article you will find all the answers to your questions.

First of all, I remind you that Venice is an island on which the circulation of vehicles on wheels and even on rails is not permitted. All vehicles on wheels will stop at Piazzale Roma (last stop) while all the trains stops at Venice Santa Lucia. The distance between these 2 stops is around 2/3 minutes by foot.

Starting from2  these stops, the only ways to get around in Venice are:
by foot
– by boats (water buses, water taxis, private boats, gondolas …)

Distance: by foot you will reach the Rialto bridge in about 30 minutes and San Marco square with another 10 minutes. These times are related to a normal walk, without getting lost and without shopping. I met groups that took even an hour and a half to get to the Rialto bridge due to shopping.

The most beautiful, most suggestive and also the cheapest way to visit Venice is by foot. You will see that the time fly. Because you will be kidnapped by the historical structures that are aroud you, from the shops that accompany you along the way, from the color that the sun give to the buildings, from the small street (called “calle”), from the hundreds of people that are enjoing a relaxing walk in one of the most beautiful islands in the world without worries about traffic. VENICE IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD AND YOU WILL FEEL IT.

If you are tired or do not like/cannot walk, the only solution for you is boats.
Here are the indicative prices of a trip from Piazzale Roma / Venice Santa Lucia to San Marco square:
Vaporetto (water bus) € 7.50 per trip (valid for 75 minutes)
Private boats and water taxis € 50.00 per boat (I always recommend to ask the price before board in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the trip)
Gondola € 80.00 for 30 minutes per gondola

Travel card (Public transport in Venice – click here):
24h € 20.00 per person
48h € 30.00 per person
72h € 40.00 per person
Weekly € 60.00 per person
These travel card includes all public buses (ACTV), trams and water buses (They include the water buses that go to the islands of Venice like Murano, Burano and Torcello). They do not include public buses to the airport (you have to pay € 6.00 more), private buses to the airport (ATVO) and trains
First of all you need to have an idea about how many water buses are you going to use during your holiday. Only with this idea you can understand if the travel card is convenient or not for you.

The validity period countdown begins when you awill use the travel card for the first time. Example: if you have a 24h travel card and you will use it the first time at 8pm, the travel card is valid until 8pm of the next day. If you have just arrived in Venice, I suggest you walk and enjoy the Venice island all day long. Then, when you will be tired, you  can use your travel card for the first time with the water bus that take you to the hotel/home. In this way your travel card will be valid until the evening of the day after (in case of 24h travel card).

For sure, if you want to visit the islands of Venice (Murano and Burano) you will buy a travel card because you have to use at least 3 water buses (one to go to Murano, one from Murano to Burano and one from Burano to Venice)

Children untill 5 years old – Free
From 6 to 29 years there is the “Rolling Venice card”, click here to see the advantages
Discounts for groups (minimum 20 people) and groups of students – click here

There are other cards that includes museums, museums + transportation … (“our best deals” – click here)
My advice is to avoid museum card. You can buy it if you will spend more than 2 days in Venice and want to visit many museums and churches. In fact, museums cards never included:
The Basilica of San Marco (free admission and internal exhibitions always for payment)
– The San Marco Bel tower
Remember always than you can find long line at the entrance of the main attractions. So, could be, that you will be not able to visit everything.

– If you want to visit the main islands of Venice (Muranno and Burano) you will need to buy a travel card (the duration of the travel card depends on how many days you will stay in Venice and your holiday program)
– If you do not want to visit the islands (Murano and Burano), the travel card is convenient if you plan to take more than 2 water buses per day
– Venice cards that include the museums + churches, will be convenient if you spend more days in Venice and want to visit several museums (San Marco bell tower not included) and churches (Basilica di San Marco not included)
– The first time, use the travel card as late as possible because the validity hours are effective.

You can buy the travel card:
online (click here)
– at the ticket offices located at the main water bus stops
– in the tobacco shops
– at the ticket offices located in Piazzale Roma and Venezia Santa Lucia


For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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