5- Rialto Bridge




– Short historical notes: The first passage from one bank to the other of the Grand Canal, was made by floating boats. After, due to the increasing importance of the Rialto market and number of people that was crossing the boats, was built  a wooden bridge. It was built around 1250. The bridge was made by 2 oblique ramps that joined in a mobile platform. This platform was removed when tall boats had to pass. The bridge took the name of “Rialto Bridge” due to the nearby market. In the first half of the 15th century, two shops lines were built along the sides of the bridge. With the rent money, the maintenance of the bridge was paid. In 1444, it collapsed under the weight of the great crowd that was there in order to see the passage of the marquis of Ferrara. The construction of a stone bridge was proposed the first time in 1503. In the following decades several projects were evaluated. In the end, on June 9th 1588, Antonio Da Ponte’s project was chosen. The bridge was finalized (after several inconveniences) in 1591.
LEGEND OF THE DEVIL AND THE RIALTO BRIDGE – It is said that during the construction of the bridge, the devil presented himself to the architect and pretended that he was offered the soul of the first who had crossed the bridge, otherwise he would not have allowed the construction. The architect studied a plan to deceive the devil. The plan was: use a rooster to pass the bridge like first. But the devil learned about Antonio’s plan, and decided to deceive him too: he appears at Antonio’s house, to his pregnant wife, and told her to run fast to the bridge beacause his husband was waiting for her. Legend said that the soul of the dead child wandered for a long time. In the end he left the bridge thanks to a gondolier that help him.
– Opening time: Always
– How to reach the Rialto bridge: By vaporetto (water buses) number 1 or number 2 or by foot (about 35/30 minutes from Piazzale Roma bus stop / Santa Lucia train station or 10 minutes from San Marco square)

FINAL ADVICES: The Rialto Bridge is definitely a fixed stop for turists that want to visit Venice. It’s the most important bridge in Venice. From the top of the bridge you can have a wonderful view of the Grand Canal. To photograph it completely, you have to get away a lot or do it from the vaporetto (water bus) / gondola because it is really impressive. The Rialto Bridge is a perfect stop for souvenirs shopping. There are a lot of shops where you can find quite everything. Do you need souvenirs for all your family or friends? have a jump on Rialto Bridge

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