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– Short historical notes: Torcello is the oldest island in the Venice lagoon. It is located in the North and everything stated from this small island where currently 8 people live. Before Venice, the first settlement, in fact, was right here. It was abandoned in the XV century because people prefer to live in Venice island. This island remain in the past. Click here to view the site official site of the Torcello island.
– What to visit in Torcello: Torcello immediately offers to its visitors an historical atmosphere. It is a very barren and green island compared to Venice, Murano and Burano. Following the long street that leads to the square and runs along the main river, you will be catched by the landscape that seems a Roman Empire landscape. Along this street we will find into a bridge without a parapet called “The Devil bridge”. There are 2 legends related to this bridge.
The first concerns a pact with the Devil made on this bridge: a magician promised to the Devil 7 children souls (died prematurely) in exchange for the reunification between a local girl and an Austrian soldier murdered. The reunification took place but the magician died some hours later due to his hous fire. Legend said that the devil arrive on the bridge every 24 December waiting for the 7 souls, in the form of a big black cat.
The second narrates that the devil built that bridge in one night in order to win a bet. He could not complete it because of the dawn. For this reason he could not build the parapets.
Arrived at the square we will find: The Council building, the Archive Palace (which together form the Torcello museum), Attila’s throne, the Church of Santa Fosca and the Basilica (cathedral) of Santa Maria Assunta (which is the oldest building present in the lagoon).
The Attila’s throne is a stone throne dating around the 5th century. Actually, the Huns never arrived in Torcello (they stopped in Acquileia), in fact it is said that it was the throne of the Torcello Bishop. You can still sit down to take a picture.
The church of Santa Fosca and the Basilica (cathedral) of Santa Maria Assunta (click here to view the official website) are nearby. The church is still used for holy mass (Sunday 10:30 am) while the basilica (which dates around 639) can be visited (and the bell tower too).
– Opening time: from March to October 10.30am – 06.00pm, ticket office closing 30 minutes before; from November to February 10.00am – 05.00pm every day, closing of the ticket office 30 minutes before
– Ticket price: € 5.00 adults and € 3.00 reduced (click here to view timetables and prices updated with audioguides and Torcello museum).
– How to reach Torcello: You can reach Torcello only from the nearby island of Burano with the Vaporetto (water bus) number 9 (click here to see the updated timetable). Burano can be reached only by vaporetto number 12. This vaporetto can be taken from Venice or from the island of Murano.
From Venice, from the stop “Fondamenta Nove” that you can reach from Piazzale Roma (bus stop) or from Santa Lucia (train station) with vaporetto (water buses) numbers 4.1 or 4.2.
From Murano, from the stop “Murano Faro” that you can reach from Piazzale Roma (bus stop) or from Santa Lucia (train station) with vaporetto number 3.
Click here to see the updated timetables of all the boats.
– Official links: Click here to view the official Torcello website

FINAL ADVICES: Go there !!!!! With the vaporetto 9 you can reach it in just 5 minutes and you will be immersed in a surreal atmosphere. It will really seem to you to have made a jump into the past and to walk through the history. And… when will you ever be able to take a picture with “Devil” and “Attila” on the same day.

For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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