How to reach Venice…

ponte di rialto rialto bridge
rialto bridge

Have you bought your ticket to Venice?
Have you booked a hotel in Venice or nearby on the land (Mestre, Spinea…)?

But …
How to reach Venice?
This is the first question that arises.
If you book an Hotel in Venice, even if you book an Hotel in Mestre, even if you arrive by plane, the question will be always the same. Below you will find all the links to get all the information you need to satisfy your request.
Venice can be reached:
By train
By plane (airport Marco Polo and Treviso)
By bus
By car
By boat or ship or ferry

Here you will find all the information … good trip to Venice

For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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