6- Grand Canal




– Short historical notes: The Grand Canal is the main canal that crosses Venice. Only 4 bridges cross it – Rialto Bridge, Scalzi’s bridge (in front of Santa Lucia train station), Constitution bridge (known by the Venetians as Calatrava Bridge, architect who designed it) and Accademia Bridge (wood bridge, in the university area). The Grand Canal is about 3800 meters long (30 to 70 m wide, medium depth 5 m) and it divides the historical center into two parts, tracing an inverted “S”, which goes from the Liberty Bridge (Piazzale Roma bus stop) to the San Marco Basin. It is flanked along its length by magnificent buildings, built in different eras and styles.
Buildings for business: calls “Fondaco” like Fondaco dei Turchi
Byzantine style: Ca ‘Farsetti, Ca’ Loredan, Ca ‘da Mosto
Gothic style: Palazzo Ducale, Ca ‘D’oro
Renaissance: Ca ‘Dario, Ca’ Vendramin, Palazzo Grimani
Baroque: Ca ‘Pesaro, Ca’ Rezzonico, Santa Maria della Salute church
Neoclassical style: Palazzo Grassi
You can navigate the Grand Canal in different ways:
– with the vaporetto/water bus (travel cost € 7.50 per person); Water bus number 1 takes about 30/35 minutes; Water bus number 2 takes about 20/25 minutes -)
– with a gondola (€ 80.00 for 30 minutes per gondola)
– with a water taxi (approximately 40/50 euros per taxi)
Click here to view the page of the Grand Canal (it is the page of wikipedia that, in this case, is particularly accurate and detailed).
The Grand Canal is the main artery of Venice. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the buildings that you can admire on both banks, you will be amazed by these floating huge monuments and by the colors caused by the reflection of the water.
– Opening time: Always

FINAL ADVICES: Take vaporetto number 1 because it has more stops and is more touristic. The journey will last approximately 30/35 minutes. If it does not rain, take the seats at the stern or bow to enjoy completely the navigation and you can be able to photograph the buildings that will flow slowly to your right and your left. Let yourself be kidnapped and enjoy this navigation through history.

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