1- San Marco Square




– Short historical notes: San Marco square in Venice is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Starting from the foundation of the city of Venice, San marco Square is the theater where the most important events, celebrations and moments were celebrated.It is the only square in Venice, because in the rest of the city there are only “Campielli” and “Calli”, and there are still signs of its millennial history. It has a trapezoidal shape and it is 175 meters long and, 72 meters wide in front of the Basilica of San Marco and 57 wide on the opposite side, near the entrance to the Correr Museum. The numerous buildings of Piazza San Marco in Venice are a precious testimony of the cultural and artistic richness of this extraordinary city. It’s the heart of Venice. From the center of Piazza San Marco, looking towards the Basilica, you can see:

  • the Clock Tower
  • the old Procuratie
  • the Napoleonic Wing
  • the new Procuratie
  • the Bell Tower
  • the Doge Palace with its Sighing Bridge
  • the San Marco cathedral.

If you look towards the San Giorgio Island in the Venice lagoon, You will find two tall columns. Both  columns have a statue on the top. On the left you can admire the statue of Venice Lion that is the symbol of the power of Venice.  On the right you can admire the statue of San Teodoro that is a Byzantine saint and the first protector of Venice for people. The space between the columns was a place of execution, where the bodies of the murdered were hung upside down. San Marco square is the center of Venice where there are the main attractions. It was defined by Napoleon “The living room of Europe” (Napoleon was falling in love with this magic square).
– Opening hours: always
– Ticket price: free
– Information on guided tours or audio-guides: You can buy an audio-guides at the entrance of the Cathedral.  You will find different audio-guides combination. At first you need to understand what you want to see and then you can buy the right combination for you.
– Ability to skip the queue: no

FINAL ADVICES: Have a nice walk along the square of San Marco. Take a typical photo with the pigeons or on the 2 lions statues (which are on the left of the San Marco cathedral) or between the 2 columns with the San Marco basin behind you remembering that the criminals or traitors were there. From this square you can admire and photograph the majesty of the buildings that surround you. Don’t buy even a coffee in the bars of the square because it could cost you even more than 10.00 euros.

For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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