7- The Clock Tower




– Short historical notes: the Clock Tower, also known as “Mori’s tower“, is a Renaissance building formed by a central tower, built in 1499, and two lateral towers added later. There is an arch, at the base, that connects San Marco square with the Mercerie’s area, that is the main commercial area of ​​the city. At that time it was one of the 3 clock in the world with mechanical movements and it was the only one that had the movements of its statues too. The legend say that the goverment of Venice took away the inventor eyes in order that he could no repeat such opera for other goverment. Over the the arch we find the “Big clock face” where are represented the lunar phases, all the zodiac constellations and the indication of the time divided into 24 parts. At the time, infact, the 24 hours started from the rising and falling of the sun. There was a guardian, called “The fitter”, that corrected continuously the beginning and the end of the day during all the season of the year. Above the “Big clock face” there is the Madonna sit on a throne that in the center between two doors on which the hours are signed. During the Ascension week and the day of the Epiphany, an angel playing the trumpet followed by the three wise men came out from the right door. Then they stop in front of Virgin Mary, they take a bow and finally they go outside through the left door. Above the Madonna we find the Venice Lion, symbol of the Venice power.
This symbol was put in that position to emphasize that the power of Venice is stroger than the Church power (represented by Virgin Mary), the scientific knowledge (represented by the great technological clock), the earthly goods (represented by Merceria area) but less strong than time power (represented by the statues of “2 Mori”). Finally, above everything we can see the statues of “2 Mori” (called in this way for their brown color). These 2 large bronze statues are very similar but not identical. The main difference is that one has a beard (called the “Old man”) while the other has no beard (called the “Young man”). The Mori mark the hours by beating the bell with their hammers (as many tolls as the hours are), but with a precise modality. The Old Man beats the hours two minutes before the correct time, to represent the time that has passed, while the Young Man beats the hour two minutes later to represent the time that will come. For more historical information or information about the mechanism and conformation of the clock click here. You will find the official page of the clock tower and you can download a PDF document with a short guide.
– Opening time and ticket price: You can visit the clock tower only by reservation and with a specialized guide. Entry is allowed from 6 years
Enghlish language – Monday to Wednesday: 11 am and 12 am; Thursday to Sunday: 2 pm and 3 pm; Adults 12.00 euros, Reduced ticket: 7.00 euros (Children aged from 6 to 14 years, over 65, residents and births in the Municipality of Venice, holders of Rolling Venice pass, buyers of tickets for the Museums of San Marco square or Museum Pass, holders of the ticket of the “Secret Itineraries” or “The hidden treasures of the Doge” in Doge’s Palace, holders of ISIC – International Student Identity Card.
Click here to book your visit, you will find the official page of the clock tower where you can book the visit without agency commission.
– Information on guided tours or audio-guides: The visit can only take place with a specialized guide included in the ticket price
– Official links: Click here to view the official website of the clock tower

FINAL ADVICES: Book it and do it because it’s very beautiful and peculiar. The guide is already included in the price and you can also get a reduced ticket if you already done the “Secret Itineraries of the Doge’s Palace” (another visit that I highly recommend). You will see the heart of this gigantic mechanical watch (the most famous after Big Beng) and enjoy a beautiful view of Venice next to the 2 Mori.

For any other informations you can fill out the form that you will find at the end of this page. I will aswer you as soon as possible. Venice 4 all and all 4 Venice.

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